FMC Group has about 850 registered employees and 380 sub-contractor’s workers, holds one team of management and special technique elite adaptable for the modern development of ship repair and shipbuilding. There are Engineers, Technicians, Consultants, Architects, Interior Designers and other professionals working under various concerns of FMC Group. Each sister concern of FMC Group comprises of Directors, Partners and a team of specialized staff. Most of the decision making is done by our management team at our corporate office through consultancy with other directors, partners and legal advisors. Together, FMC Group is an entity that embraces a strong foundation of commitment, integrity and excellence.

Corporate Office:

Our management comprises of well educated and highly experienced group of people who are responsible for the running of all sister concerns of FMC Group. Under their close supervision, there are a group of Managers, Asst. Managers and Executives responsible for each department.


Designation Name Concern Email
Chairman Mr. Mirza Ayub Baig FMC Dockyard Ltd.,
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Md Yasin Chowdhury FMC Group,
Director Finance Mrs. Khatone Junnath FMC Group
General Manager (Admin & Corporate Affairs) Mr. Pankaj Datta FMC Group