FMC Group Bangladesh Limited

FMC Group (Bangladesh) Limited , a sister concern of FMC Group , was established in the year 2010. Till then it has been contributing to the group to a great extent.

Our services include

  • Dredging Operation
  • Complete Project Management
  • Auction for Purchasing all types of industrial items,
  • Tender bidding for providing services or supplying other industrial machineries and etc.,
  • Import of industrial machineries.

“We are always ready for dredging anywhere in Bangladesh”

We provide dredging services with dredger FMC Matreeka built by our own sister concern FMC Dockyard Ltd.

Our Dredger: FMC Matreeka (18’’ Cutter Suction)

  • Dimension : 30.50 M × 9.15 M × 2.74 M
  • Gross Tonnage:92.00 mts
  • Registration No :M-9517
  • Ceramic factory Hull :12mm to 8mm
  • Dia 450mm × Length – 6Meter. Flange at both ends with hole for fitting with nut & bolts.)
  • Delivery:16’’
  • House Boat :01 Nos
  • Anchor Boat:01 Nos
  • Discharge Volume:400-450 cubic meter per hours


Work is under process at FMC Dockyard Ltd for building another two dredgers.

We construct and even outsource for the establishment of -

  • Power plant
  • Dockyard (New Shipbuilding and Repair)
  • Auto brick field
  • Ceramic factory
  • Fuel Storage terminal
  • Tank terminal
  • Water treatment plant
  • River Bank Line/Shore protection
  • Jetty construction

For efficient project handling, we have-

  • Specialized Engineering group (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Class approved welder
  • Class approved workshop (GL Approved)
  • Own dry docking facility
  • Vibratory hammer for piling works
  • Pontoon, Barge, Crane, Excavator, Forklift, Pay loader, Dump truck and other modern machineries.