FMC Dockyard Limited

FMC Dockyard Ltd. is the premier shipyard, located in West Gomdandii, Boalkhali,Chittagong, Bangladesh, offering complete ship building, repair and refit service for ship owners.

In the year 2007,
we began our ship building work even before completion of our dockyard project work. Since then we received a huge response from our customers. The unwavering trust of our customers helped us to step ahead. In 2011, we successfully inaugurated Dockyard with our own slipways. Within a short span of time, we have created a mark in the Bangladesh ship building industry.FMC Dockyard Ltd. acts a pillar/base for all other sister concern of FMC Group. Contribution of FMC Dockyard serves as strength for the whole group. To provide quality products and services in a competitive and innovative manner to satisfy our stakeholders. We aim to provide total solution for customized products in our indentified industries.

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.
Competency statements: 
We provide total solution of customized products in our identified industries.

We take all necessary steps to keep our Dockyard environmentally friendly. We have certificate from Bangladesh Environment Department. As a law abiding entity, we keep the environment unharmed & unpolluted by assuring all strict procedures in our daily activities. At Dockyard, we provide our professional team with all necessary protective equipments to ensure their safety & good health. Our safe working environment helps our team to work efficiently and comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere around the clock

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