Bunker Supply & Trading

FMC * is a major physical bunker and lubricant supplier at the ports * of Bangladesh. FMC guarantees high quality products and first-class customer care. From our offices in Bangladesh, our staffs bring the benefits of their experience and expertise to provide clients with a professional, cost-effective means of meeting their fuel requirements on a global basis. As part of the FMC Group, we can also provide a full range of competitively-priced marine services, including dedicated barging facilities, shipping agency and Scamp, our in-house fuel conservation, ship repair and maintenance network worldwide.

At FMC Group Bunker dept. we specialize in marine supplies, affording you the opportunity to focus on your core business areas. Many customers look to us for service in all three of our primary lines of activity—global trading, physical supply and risk management—but we’re open to business at any pace, and in any combination that suits your needs.

Physical supply

FMC Group has its own physical supplies in key shipping lines around the world and is expanding rapidly to include new locations. The long-term contracts this enables result in greater stability and cost reductions for our customers. Our products are always high quality, blended to your specifications, tested thoroughly and delivered by our fleet of specialized refueling ships and tanker trucks or those of approved partners.

Physical supplies – Flowing through a pipe near you

Alongside its global trading operations, FMC Group supplies marine fuel to companies big and small from its own continuously expanding network of physical stores. With shore tanks and product tankers and barges in key locations spanning the globe, our comprehensive supply system gives us easy access, and our customers a steady supply.

We’re on call day and night, year-round, providing customers with the first-rate service we’ve built our company on. Our state-of-the-art equipment is manned by skilled crews adept at bunkering procedures on-shore and off, in all types of weather. Vessels are equipped with computerized blenders, electronic viscometers and high capacity pumps, enabling swift transfers of any grade of ISO-spec fuel required—drip-samples included.

Bunker brokerage and consultancy

We have personnel with technical background enabling us to give advice on such matters. In particular we have been active in the arranging of low sulphur fuel and the challenges here.

We hold twice yearly seminars on bunker and oil market issues. Speakers include leading industry experts including government officials, suppliers, and consultants.

When it comes to marine fuel services, our objective is to help ship owners, charterers, operators and managers maximize their competitive position in the market while limiting their exposure to price, quality and delivery risks.
We specialize in spot market purchasing, fuel contract design and management, forward purchasing, technical services and the extension of credit.

Our specialized, value-added services make FMC Group a comprehensive outsource solution for fuel supply, fuel management, and price risk management. FMC group is the logical choice for knowledgeable, dependable and effective fuel-related services.

Commitment to Quality

FMC Group’s customers benefit from a total quality management program that begins with our employees’ commitment to our quality policy, and encompasses our multi-functional claims management system. Our concern for marine fuel quality is evidenced by our participation in marine industry associations and international fuel specification and bunker delivery committees. More specifically, FMC Group’s total quality program includes:

  • Active involvement in the development of industry standards on fuel quality and delivery procedures through direct participation in ISO (International Organization of Standards), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), CIMAC (International Association of Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers) and IMO (International Maritime Organization).
  • Participating member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) & National Bunkering Association
  • Maintaining technical, commercial and legal experts on staff.
  • Establishment of a multifunctional claims management system.

Providing quality services – Service and performance: an unbeatable combination.

When it comes to service, FMC is proud to set a performance standard others strive to match. We provide round-the-clock service, whenever and wherever you need us.

Customers know that reliability is the key to FMC’s leading market position. Our network of skilled professionals is ready for immediate assignment, allowing you to concentrate on the business at hand. When required, special services are also available this can be customized to suit your needs.

Specification of Fuel oils (Different Grade)

  • IFO 180cst (Spec: ISO8217:2005e)
  • IFO 380cst (Spec: ISO8217:2005e)
  • IFO 120cst (Spec: ISO8217:2005e)
  • MGO (DMA)
  • MDO (DMB)

Our Banker Tankers

  • OT Mohsen Awlia
  • OT Mohsen Awlia 1
  • OT Mohsen Awlia 2
  • OT Mohsen Awlia 3
  • OT FMC 1
  • OT FMC 2